Carry a dream with you

“Kanna mukanasi unelmaa,
sille pieniä lantteja heitä.
Kanna mukanasi unelmaa,
sillä unelmat kantavat meitä.
Kanna mukanasi unelmaa,
älä sen laulua peitä
Kanna mukanasi unelmaa,
sillä unelmat kantavat meitä.”
Tuure Kilpeläinen & Kaihon karavaani – Kanna mukanasi unelmaa

I intent to change my life. All the things I’ve dreamed of – now it’s time for them to come true. If all of them wont happen during this year at least I will take conscious steps towards them. I also intent not to speak about the changes to anyone. I might slightly open the curtain of change but mos of the time I’ll keep it closed. Reason is explained below.

A human is a social animal, we have the need to attach and get approval from others. Some have very good sense of direction and they can reach for their dreams, no matter what others say. Some are more sensitive to other critique and let them too much to affect on their lives and dreams.

So that the dream will come true it requires enthusiasm, believe and motivation. It’s easy to be enthusiastic at the beginning and tell to the whole world of the plans. However human tongue is eager to critize and mind fragile to jealousy. In no time the flame of enthusiasm might have gone out and the dream fade away – by the acts of others.

In my opinion every dream requires a brooding stage. That one broods the dream like the mother hen eggs: first on own’s just ripens and gives them life. When one has brooded eonough and the dream is “ready” then one can break the shell and show the dream to others. Then there’s not the risk that others will break the dream even before it has been able to hatch.

Everyone of us has right to dream, a righ to have dreams. We also have a right to believe that the dreams can come true. The dreams will carry us forward and give us strenght to the future. The question is:strong>what would you be capable of doing if only you believed that you could?

Believe in your own dreams and make them true. Be bravely the subject of your own life.

With love, Anu-Maarit