Cé mhaith dom é, ní bheidh mé ann

“‘Sé ag tosú dúinn,
Ag glacadh an céad céim,
Tá sé ag athrú,
Ag feabhsú muid fhéin,
Meas tú an cuma linn,
Nó an gcreideann muid fós,
Ach seo mar atá dúinn,
Agus b’fhearr linn leanúint ár threo.”
The Coronas – Taibhse Nó Laochra

Recently I spend one week in Ireland, Move into leadership!-education. People came from all over the world: Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Finland and of course from Ireland. For one week we got to know of teamwork and leadership through different kind of activities. One day we started the day by walkking in the woods and exploring what trees can teach us of leadership. Other day we planned our own garden. It’s astonishing how much one can aquire new information in one week. Even more it’s amazing how much one can learn of oneself in one week.

For me the best yielding of the week was when I could step out from the roles natural for me. When I was surrounded by strangers, who didn’t have any kind of expectations for me, I could become from doer to observer. Normally in my natural environment I’m used to be the person who organizes, takes care of and makes sure that things are ok. This week I could mainly be an observer: the weeks program was already planned, where, how and when events take place. I could just walk with the group and do as instructed.

During the week I understood that from time to time it’s good to step out from the natural roles. If I hold to my roles too thightly I’m like a lupine which seizes of others substrate. When I’m able to loose control and give space to others, I notice that actually it’s better. Then everyone has space to grow and develop. It also enables teamwork and sharing: the burden is not only on my shoulders but others carry it as well.

One week in Ireland transformed me as a person and fortified my perception of the fact that my home will be somewhere else than in Finland. I’m grateful for the experience I got to share with other, lovely participants. I’m grateful for all the new friends that I made. I’m grateful for the love that I got and shared. Though one story ended when the week was over so another story is about to begin. I’m looking forward to the future and I’m excited to see what the future will bring and where I’ll end up.

With love, Anu-Maarit