Change frequency

“There can be miracles,
when you believe.
Though hope is frail,
its hard to kill.”
Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston – When you believe

Imagine a following situation: you open up the radio and immediately a station starts to play which you don’t like at all. What will you do? Will you stay and listen to the station or will you change to other one which plays music pleasant for you? Most likely you’ll switch to the station you want to listen to.

Also life has a frequency we don’t see but which we feel. Like in radio we can change the station we can also change our own frequency. The frequency we have affects to what we get from the life. If you’re not satisfied with your life change it. Change to other frequency and start to live the life you’ve always wanted. You probably wondering how can you do it? By changing your thoughts.

One of the most important and effecting law in life is the law of attraction. You can imagine yourself as magnet: you attract what you most give of yourself. If you constantly think negatively, of shortage and suffering etc. you transmit negativity so your magnet is minus. To this the law of attraction will answer and give you more of unpleasant things. However if you think positively, feel positive feelings so your magnet is a plus and you attract more of positive things.

It’s said that you’ll get what you order and unfortunately its true. I believe that none of us wants extra bills, constatly worry if one has enough money, be sick or lonely etc. Still whenever we focus on what we don’t want so we transmit negativity around us. When we start to focus on more what we want then those things start to come true in our lives.

Mind is extremely awesome and interesting. A research confirmed that when top-athletes imagined doing an exercise in their mind the muscles they were using in a real performance activated though they were still. It was as though the exercise would have really happened. When we communicate with others we can for example with the tone of our voice signal when we’re serious and when perhaps we’re joking. However our mind can’t seperate a truth from lie. It obediently accepts everything we say as a truth and fulfills it in our lives.

The most challenging in the process of change is that we have to believe and throw ourselves to the unknown. It’s not my task to think from where and when I get money or the apartment I want. My task is to visualise it, think about it, get excited of it and think that I already have it. Then some miraculous way it appears in my life. The challenge is that we would like to now how, when and where the things I visualise will come true. Also easily we set limits to ourselves: we imagine that for example getting a new apartment will take months. The universe is ready to immediately give everything you want but you have to remove the obstacles yourself and just believe.

After all changing the life is simple. Whatever it is that you want in your life: money, relationship, car, apartment, work etc. the formula is simple:

– Think that you already have the thing you want
– Focus on what you want, repeat positive affirmations again and again
– Get excited and tune yourself to the positive frequency
– Remove the obstacles and limitations and just believe

You might think that all of this is hooey or too simple. Nevertheless I’ve proved this working on my own life. Inter alia I’ve gotten an apartmnet that I’ve imagined, gotten a free trip to abroad, gotten a substantial amount of money when I had almost consumed all. A small miracles have happened in my life and that has made me even more excited of life and increased positivity. You can change your life as well and make it as lovely, fabulous and wonderful you have always dreamed of!

With love, Anu-Maarit

PS. If you’re interested of the topic and want more inforation, there’s countless amounts of books written about this. Here’s a list of some of mine favourite books with clear explanations and practical instructions.

– Michael Losier – Law of Attraction
– Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconcious Mind
– Rhonda Byrne – The Secret