From light to darkness

“Ten more days under water,
and I already know,
I’ll be fine.
Ten more days ’till it’s over,
‘Till the darkness goes
and I see the light.”
AVICII – Ten more days

About a week ago the world was shocked with news of DJ AVICII being found dead. Social media was filled with condolences and the whole world was wondering: what has happened? First there wasn’t that much information about the cause of his death but yesterday the news reported that apparently he made a suicide.

Exactly week before AVICII’s death I watched a documentary about him on Netflix. The documentary was touching, mesmerizing, inspiring. I felt like I was one step closer to this mystical person, AVICII. I felt like after watching the documentary I knew the person behind AVICII, I knew who Tim Bergling was. AVICII’s music opened up in a totally new way and the following week I spend just listening to his music.

I was so happy for him because I felt like finally he had found himself, a direction for his life and was happy. On the same day as I watched the documentary I wrote a tweet on twitter: ““Just watched @Avicii’s “True Stories” documentary and man I just would like to give you a hug! I respect you and your music so much. You’re such an inspiration and I’m happy for you that you’ve fighted through your problems. Tappa inte bort dig själv.”

A week later I read from the news that AVICII has been found dead. I was devastated. My world was broken. I cried for hours, it felt unbelievable. Just as I had gotten so much inspiration from this person, wondering if I could meet him one day then *BAM* he’s dead. The world has lost another young, talented person.

AVICII’s death touched also because it reminded me of my own brothers dead. Though the reason for AVICII’s death was not known still I had the anticipation, even feared, that the had commited a suicide. It felt really unjust that again a person who would have his whole life ahead doesn’t find any other solution than to end his life. How did it come to this?

It was known that AVICII had been struggling for long with stress, physical diseases and the pressure of being a celebrity. Though he was at the end of his limits people pushed him to continue. People wanted him to succeed but did he want it himself? In 2016 when I announced that he’ll end the tours pleading to his own state of health he faced surprising objections. People told him that he should’ve thought how the decision will affect others when in reality he was thinking of himself.

There’s something wrong with this world when we urge young people to commit a suicide. Something is badly wrong when people cry themselves to sleep for years because they’re feeling so bad and stressed and not getting help. In the end humans are so fragile and one thing is enough to break the camel’s back, to be the last drop. Why can’t we identify the people in need on time? Why we urge people to their limits, to test their limits before they get help? If they get it in the first place.

The world needs love. This were the words that my brother wrote in his farewell letter to us. Indeed the world needs love. The world needs the authentic love where other person is seen as a human – not a machine or a executer of my own dreams. In every moment humans need support and that should be available all the time. Everyone should be able to be fragile, broken. Everyone who asks for help should get it.

We have a long way to go so that we’ll get to the point where humans are seen as humans. So that everyone who needs help has time, that someone really listens and confronts. The human life is hanging from a small hook and one encounter can change the direction of others life. One moment can be meaningful. Each of us can affect everyday to the wellbeing of themselves and others. Choice is yours.

How often you’ll say to someone that you’re important? How often you really listen what other has to say? How often you’re ready to help others without getting something in return? What would you be ready to do so that this world would be a better place? So that this world would have more love?

With love, Anu-Maarit