How am I doing

“Siks’ paljain jaloin onneani etsin,
ja huolet laulullani haihdutan.
Elämä on ihanaa,
kun sen oikein oivaltaa
ja kun lentää siivin valkein niin kuin joutsen.”
Tapio Rautavaara – Kulkuri ja joutsen’

Writing a blog is not the easiest thing to do. Especially not when I post regurlarly. Problems occur when couple of hours before publishing a new post I realize that I don’t have anything to publish.

For a while now I’ve just been sitting in front of my laptop, stared an empty screen and wondered what could I share to you from the space of my mind. I’ve started to write, then erased it. I even took out my old text, wishing to find inspiration from them but I didn’t.

I think a lot and very deeply. That’s the reason why I often wonder the purpose of life, why things happen the way they happen, share the insights I’ve made in life in my texts. Less I’ve been talking about myself, how am I doing and how’s my everyday life. So that brings us to the topic of the day ergo me and my life. Since I don’t have anything deep, philosophical meaning of life reflections to share, I was thinking I can as well update how am I doing.

In a nutshell within the last few months a big changes have happened in my life. The biggest changes have happened in my diet and in exercise routines. I’ve started to pay attention to what I’ll put on the plate, searched for more information of health and the effects of different nutrients in my body and tried to make food at home more often. Suprisingly it’s been fairly easy to do this and I’ve been able to change my diet to more healthier direction and made food at home more often. I’ve even started to get excited of cooking.

Another big change concerns exercising. I’ve never enjoyed of exercising and I can say that exercising at school didn’t encourage to do it. Though I’ve been aware the effects of exercising to my body and mind still the thershold to do it has always been high. Lately there’s been a big change to that. I’ve changed my rhythm so that every morning I wake up at 6 A.M. and do training first. In addition to training at home I go dance once a week and once the weather hets better I’m planning to start running and using my bicycle. It would be also nice to go swimming. For example yesterday i trained for 1:30 hours and for me it’s a really big achievement! When I ended the training I gave my self applauds and tapped on myself to the shoulder.

The third change is related to my attitudes and believes. I’ve gone through a lot of believes and thoughts which I earlier obediently included in me, without finding their origin. I’ve carried in me such believes which root are in my childhood and which aren’t true anymore. Consciously I’ve let go of the old thoughts and giving space for new ones. Many negative thoughts I’ve conciously turned to positive and filled my mind with positive thoughts. I related positively to the future and for all that it brings.

My everyday life is filled with studying, music, writing, exercising, meeting friends and working on one project. Regarding the studies the situation is quite good: for this semester I have only 8 contact days left so the holiday has practically begun. This week I also got an confirmation that I’ll graduate in one year. I listen to music everyda and besides listening I compose music. I completed one unfinished song. You can listen to the song here. Of the project I can say only that I’ll come live in summer 2019. I’ll let you know about it later.

So, here’s a full information of my current information. Let’s see what I have to say in a week. Until then enjoy of life because it’s best ath the moment! And enjoy of spring, here’s a sun shining, snows melting and grass visible.

With love, Anu-Maarit