“Aika ajoin, se ei kulu, mut silti loppuu kesken,
joskus meidän puolellamme,
joskus esteen,
joskus jähmettyy paikalleen kuin neste.”
Ricky Tick Big Band – Aikaa

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbit, which rushes around, looking at his watch and repeats: “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late.” The rabbit lures Alice to the rabbit hole and thus begins Alices adventures in Wonderland.

Lately I’ve felt myself like the white rabbit. For the first time since my studies started I have had a vacation so that I have none school work to do. The vacation has done good but in the same time it has felt challenging. Eventhough I have the opportunity to relax, breathe, take it easy thus pulse is high and I rush around – like the white rabbit.

A few days ago I was thinking how easy it was to be on a vacation as a child. Then I did whatever I wanted. I could play inside or swim outside for the whole day. Then I focused on the things that felt good and interesting without feeling guilty. As an adult I easily think how should I spend my vacation that it would be the most effective? How to be active and efficient? How to spend time wisely?

I still have a few weeks of vacation left and for the rest of the vacation my theme will be calming down. There’s no hurry, no mandatory things to do, I just have time. And in a way it’s scary when I finally have time – time to be with myself, to listen to my own thoughts and feelings. Easily with hurry and making we want to drown these thoughts, muffle our inner voice. Letting it out, listening and following it is not an easy task but worth it.

With love, Anu-Maarit