Of love

“All you need is love,
all you need is love.
All you need is love, love,
love is all you need.”
The Beatles – All you need is love

I believe that most of us are familiar with the feeling of falling for someone. It’s difficult not to think about the person you have crush on, the person is on the mind constantly. It’s difficul to be apart and finally when one sees him butterflies fly on the stomach and the world feels like it’s stopping. When one’s infatuated it feels that everything in life is flowing and one sees his life through pink glasses.

Intimate relationship is the field where we sulky finnish might even a bit show our emotions. For our partner it’s easy to say “I like you”, “you’re wonderful, “you’re beautiful/handsome”, “I love you” etc. We even anticipate that we hear positive feedback of ourselves from the partner. Also easily when we send messages we use hearts, kisses and other emoticons that tell about the tender feelings we have to one another.

Were we in a intimate relationship or not thus we all have a need to be loved. We all have a need to feel ourselves important. It doesn’t look the age, sex, nationality, skin color or anything else. Just the fact that we are humans defines that we have the need to belong in something, need to be seen and heard, need to be loved.

Over time intimate relationship has become the natural area where it’s easy to express the feelings of love and affection to other. But why wouldn’t we make every relationship a natural area where we could express love towards other? Similarly the words “I like you”, “I love you” can be said to a partner, a member of a family, friends, colleagues etc.

I wish that people would awake to notice the people around them. That words “I love you” would be heard when the people are alive and not so that it’s realized when the imporant person is lost. One word and one action can change the life of the other. One word can help to carry on. Why wouldn’t we tell to our loved ones that we love them if we think so?

With love, Anu-Maarit