On the well

“Let that water cleanse yo’ mind
I pray it opens up your eyes
Cause can’t nobody call, tomorrow at all
So we live for the present time.”
Bubba Sparxxx – Well water

When I close my eyes, surrender to silence, I see a well…
A beautiful white well, covered by roses, inhabited by birds.
I walk towards the well, the birds are chirping and greet me gladly.
I look at the endless bottom and wonder, is there a water?

With all my strenght I lever the bucket up, waiting to see clear water
that would quench my thirst.
There’s a water in the bucket but it’s dark and malevicent.
I looked at the dark water and saw nothing..
I knew that I hadn’t tried enough.

I grabbed the lever again, turned and turned..
I wanted fresh water, I wanted to quench my thirst..
I turned, turned, turned..
Until the bucket rose.

There’s a water in the bucket, clear and clean.
I can see my smiling face on the surface,
I knew I could do it if I tried hard enough.
I lift the bucket to my lips and finally I get the water,
water that I’ve hungered.

Water that quenches the hunger for past
and cleanses me – for future.