Out with the old, in with new

“Voisitpa peilin uuden saada,
näkisit kuinka huippu ootkaan.
Sulla on päässäs liikaa mörköjä,
hei älä anna niiden määräillä.”
Ukkosmaine – Morrissey

This week I’ve been looking at my couch. Brown, two persons couch. Basically there’s nothing wrong with it but the couch is covered with white cat hair. One of the corners is broken and the filling has come out because the cats have been scrathing it. It’s good to sit but it’s difficult to align the pillows to a fitting position. Somehow I just feel like it doesn’t fit in this room anymore.

For a while now I’ve been thinking what kind of couch should I aquire next. Maybe something fairer this time, maybe couch with a bed could be nice. Would it be a bit lighter with metal structure or traditional fabric one? What kind of would fit in this room? What kind of would I like?

At first I thought that once I find the new couch then I can get rid of the old one. Nevertheless this week I started to feel really stressed because of the couch. I felt like I have to get rid of it. So I got rid of it and now I’m staring an empty space in front of me. I feel at ease and now I’m curiously waiting what kind of new solution will come up.

It’s fairly easy to give up my own items since I can see them. It’s easy to see what takes space in my apartment and when I have it enough, when too little. Some item might stay with us since the childhood, some only for a moment. Sometimes our homes are in chaos, all items messed, in another moment fengshui flows and everything is in perfect balance.

Equally as we give up our items and make space for new, we can give up our thoughts. It just isn’t that easy because thoughts are not visible and it’s not possible to estimate how much space they take in the apartment of our mind. Anyway there’s no place for new if we have filled the apartment of our mind with old thoughts and perceptions that we hold on tightly.

Luckily it’s possible to listen to own thoughts and for example list them on the paper. Some thoughts might be old, some own, some others. The most important thing when observing the thoughts is to pay attention that what do the thoughts tell about you? Do they praise, encourage and inspire you to be yourself or perhaps they blunt, blame and compare? We have to give up these olds, limiting thoughts before new ones have space in the apartment of our mind.

My personal goal for 2018 is to clean my minds apartment from all the limiting, chaining, wrong and false perceptions that people have planted in my mind within all these years. All the distressing, unpleasant, ugly and limiting will be allowed to leave and peace, beauty, freedom and harmony may enter. Long live the freedom of choice and cheers for changes. This will be the best year of my life!

With love, Anu-Maarit