Peace from the nature

“Maailma on kaunis ja hyvä elää sille,
jolla on aikaa ja tilaa unelmille
ja mielen vapaus, ja mielen vapaus.
On vapautta istua iltaa yksinänsä
ja tuntea tutkia omaa sisintänsä
ja elää elämäänsä, ja elää elämäänsä.”
Irwin Goodman – Maailma on kaunis

From time to time it’s good to change environment, go outside from home, from those everyday stimulants and just be. In the nature it’s the best place to calm oneself, listen to onself and just recharge.

Because this kind of rare opportunity has been granted for me so this time I won’t write that deep blogpost but rather go outside to enjoy of the nature, quiet and recharge.

Remember to take care of yourselfs because when you take care of yourselfs then you have the energy to take care of others. And from time to time leave the phones and social media and just be – either with yourself or the people dear to you.

With love, Anu-Maarit