The superwoman of my life

“Eijou, ei oo toista samanlaista kuin mä ite täällä,
oon paras oma itteni ja sen on riitettävä.
Mun on pakko uskoo, et must on siihen mihin sust ja sust on.”
Fintelligens – Kaikkien aikojen paras

On the bus trip from Jyväskylä to Helsinki it’s good to avoid school works by listening to music and pausing to think. During the last week this is the first time when I can enter to my bubble, via music go through my feelings and thoughts. To travel to the space of my mind in the middle of asteroids, planets and black holes. To land to a distant start and gaze the world from there.

My musical voyage took me via SMG, Anssi Kela, Five and Alex Boye to The Piano Guys. Especially to a song published in 2013 “Beethoven’s 5 secrets.” The music video of the song opens with Beethoven’s words: “Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” I listened to the song and wondered Beethoven’s words. Don’t just practice your art but force your way into its secrets…

Multiple times I’ve balanced with my art. With the skills that I have. As a child my passion was writing and playing the piano. I admired Beethoven, Chopan and Rachmaninoff. I hoped that someday I could be like them. Succesful and famous. However within time my interests expanded ia. to technology, dance, languages and handcrafts.

I don’t have any single passion, single thing that I would be especially good at. From time to time I envy those people who have that one passion, one skill that they have polished to diamond. Which masters they are and to which they have devoted themselves. I admire musical geniouses like AVICII, Michael Jackson and Bach who have a symphony in their head and who can create music so effortlessly.

If I would describe myself with one word it would be a multitalent. I’m interested of different things, I’m skilled at many different things. I can easily learn and assimilate new. I’m techinally skilled, creative, intuitive, sensitive. I can ia. play the piano, write, code, dance. I’m skilled in languages and have a good judge of human nature. Thanks to my relentless nature I seize challenges, push trough hardships and make my dreams true. I’m a dreamer, optimistic who wants to believe that everything and everyone has something good.

I feel that Vesa-Matti Loiri is my soul mate. I was aware of his career as a musician and entertainment artist but I was surprised to hear that Loiri has been a Finnish National level athlete. Loiri is my source of inspiration, a living embodiment that one can achieve great things in life though one is a vane of some sort and a multitalent. One’s expertise can be utilized in many different ways.

The world needs many kinds of people. As we need people devoted to one things we need chameleons like me. People who can be situated in any situation knowing that they will get through it somehow. People who can utilize their expertise in many different situations with different people. People who are the supermen- and woman of their own life.

With love, Anu-Maarit